5 Best weapons in free fire

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In Free Fire, there are five best weapons for mid-range combat.

Garena Free Fire offers a diverse arsenal of guns to aid players in their quest to be the last man standing in the fast-paced battle royale game.
Combats can take place at any range, be it mid, short, or long, and players must be ready for anything if they want to get Booyah.
The following are some of the best weapons in Free Fire's arsenal that could prove to be lethal in mid-range combat.

What are the best Free Fire arms for fighting at a medium range?

#1 - SCAR

scar free fire

SCAR is the most well-balanced and, in many ways, the perfect tool for close-quarters combat. It has a range of 60 yards and a damage rating of 53.
It can do a lot of damage to enemies in mid-range battles thanks to its high fire rate of 61. In addition, the weapon's magazine initially contains 30 rounds of ammunition.

#2 -AK

AK free fire

In Free Fire, the AK is the most powerful non-airdrop weapon. The only disadvantage is the heavy recoil. As a mid-range firearm, this is an excellent option.
AK has a damage range of 72 and a high damage of 61. It also has excellent agility, making it ideal for quick movements in mid-range combat.

#3 - XM8

XM8 freefire

The XM8 comes with a pre-installed 2x scope and is extremely stable for mid-range shooting. It also has a 73 movement speed and a 57 and 58 damage and range, respectively.

#4 - VSS

VSS free fire

Despite being an automatic sniper rifle, the VSS is classified as an SMG weapon. During mid-range combat, the pre-installed 4x scope comes in handy.
VSS has an impressive 82-point range and a 73-point accuracy. The weapon's only big flaw is that it can only carry 15 rounds of ammunition in a single magazine at first.

#5 - M79

M79 free fire

The M79 grenade launcher is a popular grenade launcher that is useful in mid-range combat. The grenade launcher fires grenades in a projectile over long distances, knocking down enemies hiding behind Gloo Walls.
The weapon has a high damage output and a high accuracy of 90, allowing it to take out several enemies at once.

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