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Convert your Coins to Diamonds.


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How get Coins ?

New features are added to Gifts For Gamers app:

Now users can collect coins and convert it to diamond and many others rewards

How to collect coins ???

Step 1

spin gifts for gamers

Lucky_wheel : the more you spin the wheel the more you collect coins.

Step 2

tab gifts for gamers

wait and Tape green opened squares to collect coins

Step 3

Obtain a unique code and use it to invite your friends in the app, you will get 200 coins for all.

Step 4

Loyalty points program: the more you log in the app the more you increase your loyalty 50 loyalty points======>500 coins.

How to convert coins into diamonds for free fire ???

In our website gifts-forgamers.com you will find the coins converter that allows you to know your level and how many diamonds you can win

In Addition to that: we added a small tool which can generate some trending tags of some games in order to help gamers boost their videos on youtube and facebook.

Install the new application gfg diamond converter and try to collect coins to win precious gifts.

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