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With guess impostors game, you will guess the locations of the impostors hidden under the squares with a minimum of clicks.
If you set an entry of 5 imposters, the best record will be finding them in just 5 clicks.
always imposters are near to each other, so concentrate well to find them without wasting clicks.
the impostors will appear directely when you click on th square, so try to be sure before you step up.
always impostors change their places, so you should change your playing strategie every time.
Take the challenge and find the 8 impostors in just 8 clicks 10 times and win with "Guess impostors".

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Don't miss the chance to win 10$

Take the challenge and win $ 10 in cash, just believe your intuition to find the 8 imposters in just 8 clicks for 10 times. You can replay whenever you, want your level saved until you unlock all 10 levels and get rewarded.

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Train before Catching the 8 impostors!!

before accepting this challenge, you must train with less than 8 impostors: you can try with 1,2,3 ..., 8. Once you feel ready, you can access the competition section of the game and start guessing the locations of the impostors to win the 10$

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